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Cell Renewal Systems

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Most people can’t believe my age.  No wrinkles or acne scars on my face and I owe it all to Cell Renewal Systems Skincare.  Glycolic Complex yes!  Let’s just say I am dipped in it.  Some of my favorite skincare secrets includes 3-4 drops of Cell Renewal System’s,  Glycolic Complex, Pigment Lightening Gel and Protection Plus SPF moisturizer.  Natural skincare with results oriented ingredients is what I look for to solve all my skincare concerns.  From wrinkle reduction or acne control to skin brightening you’ll get it with this product line.  There is something for all skin types, tones and conditions.

If you want to get your skin shape, start with detoxifying the skin tissue.  Use Cell Renewal Systems Oxygen Cream, it helps clean your skin out.  If you need more detailed cleaning, get extractions from a professional.  Alternate with the Glycolic Complex  for oily skin or Glycolic Cream  for Dry Skin.  By using these two products you will help to clear your skin of impurities, smooth out wrinkles and clarify your skin tone.

At Relax Spa and Beauty in Burbank, I have used Cell Renewal Systems facial treatments to help our clients with wrinkle reduction, acne, acne scars and pigmentation problems.  The results are great!  Try the homecare products for yourself!

Cell Renewal Systems
Cell Renewal Systems

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