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Please welcome our wellness and beauty partners as we introduce you to an expanded list of products and services available at our facility!

Katy DeBra – Reiki, Henna & Glitter Tattoo

Creating Harmony Inside and Out
You are the canvas & the ART!  See how an amazing glitter or henna tattoo will look on you.  Katy can work from pictures, images that you provide or create a customized design.  Katy’s work is the perfect addition to a spa girls event for the ladies or a princess party for little girls, tweens and teens. Ask her about Intuitive Energy Readings, she does that too!  The natural focus is on being positive and uplifting.  Together you will see gifts and challenges you may have never seen before.  Clients have said that after Katy’s reading, they feel inspired, clear and refreshed, see in a new way, and receive practical actions to follow.



“We Bring the Runway to You”

Each piece is gorgeous, handcrafted jewelry constructed with high quality craftsmanship & careful attention to detail.  You will find that Rumaegemstones are elegant, unique, stylish, intricate and colorful.  These pieces make a statement and add beauty to any outfit.  Available for you in an assortment of Gemstones and genuine fresh cultured pearls.   Diverse shapes and distinctive designs makes this line a fashionista’s favorite!  Consider one of these creations the next time you want to wear something that everyone looks at and say’s wow!

Available at Relax Spa and Beauty


RWO – Handbags & Accessories

The “Bag Lady” is what we should call retired nurse Roma Womack.  She  loves to sew and spend hours pouring her heart and soul into handcrafted purses.  Our favorite is the “Pretty Lips Clutch” and the “Multi-Tote” carry all.  Fun and functionality is what you get when you invest in these lovely bags.  Perfect as an accessory to your daily wardrobe.  The bags are made with Vegan materials and durable closures.  You have a place to put things with these great clutches and tote bags.


JW Desyns – Jewelry

We have JW Desyn!  Hand crafted jewelry that is fun and affordable.  Designs range from traditional styles to shabby chic.  Most of the pieces are made by hand and are one of a kind styles.  Have beautiful jewelry made from gemstone, glass, wood and assorted metals to silver and gold plated pieces.  Prices range from $9.99 to $50.00.  Watches, bracelets, rings and necklaces are available in a variety of colors.



The name tells it ALL: “iLove iBrows“!

Nicole, the founder of “iLove iBrows” used to be a professional Graphic Designer. Just like all artists, she loves art and beauty. One day she decided to take her talent to another level and didn’t stop until she became a Certified Microblading Master. There is no better canvas than a beautiful woman who wants to be even more beautiful with natural looking eyebrows.

Microblading is known as 3D / Feather Touch / Eyebrow embroidery / Microstroking …etc. This technique involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that are very natural looking.

Business Phone: 747.215.7217


Danielle Redfern – Licensed Acupuncturist

Danielle Redfern is a licensed acupuncturist that has traveled around the world to perfect her skill in advanced neurological acupuncture. With the insertion of tiny needles, she is able to tap into the body’s central and peripheral nervous system, which in turn causes the body to release natural “pain killing” properties to alleviate pain.

Danielle can treat any kind of pain, emotional stress, and hormonal imbalances one may be experiencing.

Acupuncture is an all natural, drug free, safe, and effective way in treating your body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Come and book an appointment today.

Danielle Redfern
P: (661) 312-0788