Swedish Massage:

The focus of Swedish Massage is relaxation and stress reduction. Long, gliding, smoothing strokes are used to calm and relax your body and mind. Compression and stretching movements ease tired aching muscles and relieve tension. The pressure used can be light, medium or firm (deep) depending on your preference. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated at the close of your session.

30 Minutes –  $55.00
60 Minutes –  $85.00
90 Minutes – $110.00

Hot Stone Massage:

Tension and tightness melt away under the soothing and calming pressure of heated stones. Stones heated in water are placed upon the body allowing your muscles to relax and release at a deeper level. The stones are then integrated into a customized massage to create a deeply relaxing experience just for you.

Add On to any massage -$20

Pregnancy Massage: 

Massage can play an integral role during this special time in your life. As you prepare for childbirth regular massage can relieve backache, leg cramps and headaches in addition to improving the quality of your sleep.

Add on to any 30 or 60 min massage -$10

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle targeting chronic muscle tension, knots, and pain. Specific areas of the body are targeted depending on your individual need. This massage is great for those experiencing chronic stress, participating in sports, or just feeling the need to “loosen up.”

30 Minutes – $55.00
60 Minutes – $85.00
90 Minutes – $110.00

Combination Swedish / Deep Tissue: 

Therapeutic and relaxing, this massage offers you the best of both worlds. Deep tissue techniques target areas of tension and knots to release the muscles which eases pain and discomfort. Relaxation and stress reduction is encouraged through the use of long, gliding, smoothing strokes combined with pressing and stretching movements

30 Minutes – $65.00
60 Minutes – $85.00
90 Minutes – $110.00
60 Minutes Four Hands (two therapist) – $110.00

COUPLES MASSAGE: Enjoy a relaxing massage together.  Your choice Swedish, Swedish Deep Tissue Combination.

60 minutes -$170.00
90 minutes – $220.00
Add Hot Stones $ 20.00
Includes a complementary glass of wine or sparkling beverage

Body Treatments

Back Cleansing

Your face looks good, now it’s time to delight your back! Includes cleansing, steam, scrub, masque and relaxing back and shoulder massage.

45 minutes: $75.00
(additional charge for treatment application or extractions). Add on to Facial or Massage: $40.00

Body Scrub

Try our natural handmade body scrubs to detoxify, restore and rejuvenate your body. Lavender for relaxation & sensitive skin.  Lemon Grass for muscle strains, aches and pain.  Coffee for cellulite reduction and detoxification

Results after one treatment!


45 Minutes: $65.00
includes shower time

Exclusive & Comprehensive Massage Services In Burbank, CA

Massages are an excellent way to relax and sooth the body. They provide effective and instant results without any potential risks.

At Relax Spa and Beauty in Burbank, CA, our experts specialize in providing a range of unique therapeutic massage services that are guaranteed to provide optimum comfort and satisfaction.

From private to couples massage services, our unique techniques provide both, physical and mental relief, giving you a holistic refreshing experience.