Things That Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know

Multiple studies have asserted wide ranging benefits of massage therapy. The activity is increasingly being recommended for curing digestive disorders, stress related problems, and fibromyalgia among other things.Massage soap bars and therapy has skyrocketed in popularity among Americans over the years however; many Americans still do not know how to optimize the benefits of the activity.

1Society’s perception of body treatments and massage therapy is driven by pop culture, which can be very misleading. So if you are getting a massage for the first time or regularly get an appointment with a therapist; here are the things that your certified massage therapist wants you to know.

It’s OKAY to Get Naked

It’s normal to feel embarrassed about getting naked in front of a stranger. However, massage therapists are trained professionals and clothing can often get in the way, preventing them from optimizing relief to your muscles. Certified therapists will cover your body with towels when and where necessary but otherwise; clothing is nothing more than a hindrance to your experience.

However, it is, at the same time, important you do not feel anxious about being nude. Remove the amount of clothing you are comfortable with because…

Get in Your Comfort Zone

Massage therapy exercises are not just supposed to provide you with physical relief; your mental upkeep is also the objective of your therapist. It is important that you are thoroughly comfortable so that you feel refreshed afterwards.

Many people stop breathing normally when undergoing therapy out of nervousness which makes it difficult to ease muscles.Massage clinics are fully aware of this and if there is something you want or do not want, speak up and remember to breathe.

Be Ready

2Watch your food and water consumption before a massage therapy. In the hours immediately leading up to the appointment, keep their intake light.

Moreover, take a visit to the restroom before the session starts. Massage therapy is incredibly beneficial for the digestive system but if you are full, then the experience will be very uncomfortable for you. The session will also be ruined if you suddenly need to urinate in the middle of the session.

One More Thing…

Because of the work a person’s digestive track undergoes during massage, do not be embarrassed when your stomach rumbles. Flatulence is perfectly normal and in fact, it is even a good sign that the therapy is taking effect. Your therapist would be used to it so while it is understandable to be embarrassed, you do not need to think too much about it.

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